“The Ultimate Journey,” a three-phase discipleship tool developed by Christ-Life Ministries, has been a key experience used by God in the lives of all of us here at Grace to Glory in our journey towards healing, intimacy with our Father and knowing “Christ as Life.”  The Grace to Glory Center in Ellijay is currently one of two places in the world where people can go to experience a 3-day intensive or a ‘turbo’ of the 13-week Phase One walk into truth, healing and freedom.

TUJ DATESWhen several participants of The Ultimate Journey 3-day ‘turbo’ were asked what they were taking away from the experience,  all glory to God,  here were several of the responses:

“IT’S WHAT I’M NOT TAKING AWAY!” No more shame, guilt, haunted memories, performance anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, being unloveable, fear, anxiety, perfectionism, inability to fully serve in ministry, broken dreams, fear of failure, inability to receive love.  My take-away is simply freedom, freedom from it all and the acceptance of who I am in Christ as a child of God.”   - Ileen E. , Cumming, GA

I cannot express how different I feel, and I really didn’t realize it until I got in the car and was quiet….that is what is so cool!  It is sooooooo quiet in my head!  No one accusing me, making me feel guilty, reminding me of my failures…just peace.  Quiet.  I love this!  – Debi P., Greenville, SC

“Victory!  The ability to claim what is rightfully God-given to me! Tools to rebuke the enemy with Christ’s authority, release from personal bondage, peace, freedom.  I have learned the fact that I need Christians as friends, and knowledge that the body of Christ is made up of broken vessels, suffering and needing healing as I do.  I will no longer hide under a bushel, but will let my light shine.  I now know that God wants to use me to bless others, that He has always been with me and has been shaping me, and that I have a lot to offer others.”    – Craig B., Acworth, GA

To hear one participant’s “declaration of independence” from her old life, watch the video below:

So what is The Ultimate Journey?  It’s a process of walking into the abundant life available in Christ, based on the Exodus journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land, that involves three phases, all of which you can read about here.  In Phase One, participants experience a safe place to walk with a few others through their life history as a way of discovering the lies that they came to believe  were true about themselves and God.  It’s an amazing, life-changing experience of grace and unconditional love as participants learn to love themselves as Father loves them, grieve losses and embrace truth and  freedom.  If you are ready for the life you were created for, call Grace to Glory at 706.273.4025 to hear available dates to get started on The Ultimate Journey and register to save your spot!